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Brazenly Female Founder

Become a BFF of the space. 

Become a founding female of Tampa Bay's only space for her. Including access to all the Brazenly amenities, you will also receive exclusive BFF perks.


Curated just for her, and by her.

- Safe & Secure wifi
- Member discounts
- Spa & Beauty Room
- Workout/Wellness Room

- Female Only Fitness space & gym
- Phone booths
- Conference room
- Podcast Place
- Ample and Open Space
- Coffee shop/Bar
- Her Market Shop
- Photo Studio
- Social networking & events
- Workshops and classes
- Printing & Faxing
- Mailbox & Business address options

- Kidspace and Childcare

- Brazenly Closet Subscription

- Quarterly Brazenly Boxes

Incubator Kitchen

Access to 3D printer, sewing machines, various kinds of presses, etc.


Brazenly Female Founder

  • Full access to all networking, educational programing at BFF pricing

  • Opportunity to be a keynote speaker at Brazenly

  • Quarterly Branding Photoshoot  for first year(30 minutes) ($1000 value)

  • 1x month post on instagram feed/video

  • 50% off rental space, photo studio, and specialty room rentals

  • ONLY MEMBERSHIP with 24/7 access to space

  • Founder Feature

  • Name plaque placed somewhere in the space

  • Member directory on website with photo

  • Access to all amenities

  • 12 credit hours for specialty rooms

  • 2 tickets to launch party

  • 5 guest passes a month

  • Annual Female Founder Feast

  • Special Female Founder event ticket rates



Brazenly All In

Are you ready to run? This is for the woman who is ready to fully engage engage with a community of women that are going to push you further.


  • - Coworking access M-F 8-5PM

  • - Access 7 days a week (exceptions apply)

  • - Member pricing to all events hosted by Brazenly

  • - Access to all amenities

  • - 16 credit hours for specialty rooms

  • - 2 guest passes per month

  • - 25% off of space, photo studio, and speciality room rentals

$350/MONTH OR $4,500/YEAR

paige-cody-zGmVI1VljO4-unsplash (1).jpg

Brazenly Social

Are you the social butterfly that wants to do everything, everywhere, all the time? This is your chance to be a part of both our public and private events. 


- Coworking access 3 days a week - M-F 8-5PM
- Member pricing to events hosted by Brazenly
- Access to all amenities
- 8 credit hours for specialty rooms


Brazenly All Day

It's time to seize the day! Do you just need a drop in work date every once in a while? Or space to just relax and be for the day? This is perfect for you. Come indulge in the community and space for while. There is a place for you here.


  • Want to just come use the space for a day? This is for you! Access to the general space and all basic amenities during open hours.


bench-accounting-nfTA8pdaq9A-unsplash (1).jpg

Interested in having your own little customizable and personalized space?
Hot Desks start at $450/month and private offices beginning at $750/month.

Brazenly Corporate

Are you interested in hosting your whole office space in Brazenly? Or do you have 5 or more women who want to come sit with us at Brazenly? This membership is specifically for you!

Brazenly Invest

Are you interested in going beyond founder status, and becoming an investor? Become a Brazenly Investor.

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